MUHAS Fee Structure 2021/2022 | Quick Review

This page contains information about the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) fee structure for the years 2021/2022. The sum payable as school fees for Undergraduate and postgraduate programs for the next academic session has been issued by the institution’s authority.

muhas fee structure

This is to inform all prospective students who have been offered provisional admission or who are likely to apply for admission to the MUHAS of the following payment structure:

MUHAS Fee Structure 2021/2022

The following is the official MUHAS Fees Schedule for the 2021/2022 academic year, which must be paid by each Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Degree, Bachelors, Certificate, Distance Education, Diploma, Short Course, and MBA program student.

Tuition, course materials, residential fees, housing costs, textbooks, account number, quotation, fee summary, fees statement, examination fees, and other fees charged for 2021/2022 are all covered in the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences fees booklet.

All students who officially register for programs at MUHAS are subject to the policies and procedures listed below. The Institute reserves the right to alter fees at any time and without notice. However, fee modifications must be approved by the Governing Council, and we will notify you as soon as possible.

Fee Structure and Special Requirements

Fee Structure for Undergraduate Degree Programmes

Clusters Tuition Fee per Year (Tanzanian students) (TShs) Tuition Fee per Year (Foreign students) (US$) Discipline/Programmes Cluster
1 1,400,000/= 3,612 Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Midwifery, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing Management.
2 1,500,000/= 4,408 Bachelor of Environmental Health Science, Medical Laboratory Sciences in – Clinical Chemistry, Haematology, and Blood Transfusion, Parasitology and Medical Entomology, Histotechnology

Bachelor of Science in Radiotherapy and Bachelor of Science in RTT

3 1,600,000/= 4,408 Bachelor of Pharmacy.
4 1,700,000/= 5,672 Doctor of Dental Surgery, BMLS in Microbiology and Immunology.
5 1,800,000/= 5,672 Doctor of Medicine.

Students must have enough money to cover the costs of Special Program Requirements. Depending on the curriculum, such requirements may include boots, overalls, scientific calculators, drawing boards, gloves, masks, and funding for practical training. Applicants are encouraged to check the University prospectus for specific requirements by their Schools or to contact the Schools to which they intend to apply for more information, including an estimate of costs.

Direct University Costs (payable to The University)

Item (Tanzanian students) TShs (Foreign students)
Tuition Fee Arranged in Clusters in the table above Arranged in Clusters in the table above
*Application Fee (Once) (5,000.00) 10 US$
Registration 5,000.00 10US$
Examination Fee 12,000.00 12,000.00 TShs
Graduation Fee (Once) (5,000.00) (5,000.00) TShs
Identity Card 5,000.00 5,000.00 TShs

At the time of registration, all students must join or produce proof of membership in the National Health Insurance Fund or another similar fund.

Direct Student Costs (payable Directly to Students)

Item TShs
Caution Money 10,000.00
Book and Stationery Allowance 200,000
Meal Allowance and accommodation 7,500.00 per day

Research Project Cost for Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences Degree Course (BMLS) and Bsc Radiotherapy Technology

1 Clinical Chemistry 400,000.00
2 Haemotology / Blood transfusion 400,000.00
3 Histotechnology 400,000.00
4 Microbiology/Immunology 400,000.00
5 Parasitology/Medical Entomology 400,000.00
6 BSc Radiotherapy Technology 400,000.00

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